Your own sun at home

20 years of free power around the clock

With a Caterva Sun you’ll have free power for the next 20 years. Single-family homes and businesses of all types with photovoltaic systems up to 10 kWp benefit from as much as 10,000 kWh of free power per year – giving them independence from electricity bills.

20 years of independence from electricity bills

We are happy to admit that we were the first to come up with 100% self-supplied power. When your PV system is at full capacity even the Caterva Sun can’t store all you generate, and some of the PV power will be fed into the grid. How do you get it back? Unfortunately, that’s not technically possible. However, you’ll profit from grid support – and Caterva will give you back the kilowatt hours fed into the grid as cash. And if you have a wind power surplus on a stormy winter day, it will also end up stored in your Caterva Sun.

20 years of annual community bonus

By stabilizing the power grid with your Caterva Sun you will receive a community bonus. It’s called a community bonus because owners make their Caterva Suns available to a community of other owners. Caterva organizes this community and generates revenues, for instance by stabilizing the power grid. In the form of the community bonus Caterva Sun owners can share in these revenues. The bonus is governed by the service agreement between Caterva Sun owners and Caterva.

20 years of maintenance included

We are happy to take care of the maintenance of your Caterva Sun. We invented the Caterva Sun and know what it needs. It pays for itself: grid support raises enough to cover the costs of keeping the Caterva Sun productive. That’s our promise to you for 20 years.



Intelligently networked: Caterva Suns

State-of-the-art energy storage

Our Caterva Suns are intelligent energy storage units that have undergone years of tests. The technology was developed in partnership with Siemens, along with other leading battery and electronics manufacturers. With a choice of either Caterva Sun or Caterva Sun neo, we have the right energy storage solution for every PV system owner.

Your home power plant: the Caterva Sun.

The larger Caterva Sun is ideal for larger homes, older properties with a heat pump, families with electric cars, or anyone who cares about greater efficiency. Paired with a compatible PV system, it generates enough power to meet an annual demand of up to 10,000 kWh.

Detailed information

Storage capacity
20 kWh
Maximum power
20 kW
Maximum efficiency of overall system
over 90%
Dimensions (w x h x d) without meter cabinet
1.200 x 1.650 x 550 mm
Weight incl. meter cabinet
ca. 600 kg
Emergency power supply

Caterva App – your data always in view

The Energiewende on your smartphone.

Monitor your energy flow in your home with the Caterva App – whenever you would like to check your data. The power generated by your solar panels, the power feed into your Caterva Sun, and the feed from your Caterva Sun into the power grid: you can easily read off all these data. Be impressed by the Caterva App with its clearly organized displays and simple navigation. In addition, the Caterva App is automatically updated. With the intelligent Caterva App, you have your own Energiewende at the touch of your finger – day and night.

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Caterva Energy Management:

Making every house a power plant

All Caterva Suns are intelligently networked. By creating this large-scale virtual energy storage system, Caterva Energy Management generates revenues that all Caterva Sun owners can profit from over the long term.
Caterva enables power utility companies to generate new business models for end customers based on energy storage. And this brings significant benefits for everyone involved.

The Caterva Operating System works as a flexibility manager, making the distributed storage power plant economically viable. With the Caterva Sun and Caterva Sun neo solar power storage units, Caterva is itself offering two separate storage options. In addition, all smart storage systems can be integrated in the innovative operating system.

Do you want to become a partner in this distributed, intelligent system?
We look forward to welcoming you!